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Who we are

At the core of everything we do is The Golden Rule.

Our guiding principle:

is to treat our customers with the level of service we seek.


We focus on helping others achieve their goals, knowing our success follows behind theirs.


Living out The Golden Rule means:

  • Adhering to ALTA best practices for our industry

  • Putting the customer first

  • Going above and beyond

  • Being active in the community

  • Serving others to improve the quality of life for all

  • Contributing to the economic viability of the community

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Marble Surface


Tim holds licenses in Tennessee as a Title Insurance Producer, Real Estate Affiliate Broker and Property and

Casualty Insurance Producer.


After 25 years in the Title and Banking Technologies Industries, Tim founded Red Door Title Services to offer Realtors and Lenders an enhanced, customized closing experience for each of their clients. Within each RDTS employee, he instills the importance of continuous improvement and delivering an unsurpassed client closing experience. 

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Desiree Sailema

Vice President - Operations

Desiree has been in the real estate industry for 4 years and puts pride in being incredibly organized and detail oriented on a professional level. Providing client's with a personal touch is important to her and she is driven by helping others. Knowing that she is contributing to one of the happiest moments of someone else’s life, brings her immense joy. 

Desiree is a wife of 12 years and enjoys spending time with her pugs at home and in the office.

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Chief Marketing Officer

Emily has over a decade of experience in the legal and title Industries. She graduated from Ole Miss in 2013 and relocated to Nashville from her hometown of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. 

Emily is an amateur off-road motorcycle racer and enjoys spending her time outside. 

When Emily isn't travelling or thrill-seeking, she is home spending time with her  Miniature Schnauzer "Rebel", 

Miniature Australian Shepherd "Myla" and boyfriend, CJ. 

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Director of Pup-Lick Relations

As the Director of Public (Pup-Lick) Relations, Gir plays an integral role in office cohesiveness with his pleasant disposition and consummate professionalism. Always the first to greet clients at the door, he uses his innate knowledge of human nature to gain their trust, confidence, and eventually their hearts.

When not working, Gir enjoys the finest luxuries of life – dining out at the best restaurants in town and shopping. His interests include sunbathing, belly rubs, morning walks, pet-icures, and grooming.

Molly Stillings

Shannon Carter

Emily Crowder

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Furnancial Advisor

Waffles is our newest team member here at Red Door Title Services. He is a cheery pup who instantly brightens the day of everyone that he encounters. Waffles likes to wake up extra early to get a head start on his day. With his boundless energy and huge smile, Waffles is the epitome of "just super excited to be here".

When he's not working, Waffles likes to annoy his big brother Gir, walk around the office chewing on things, and annoy Gir some more.

Timothy Stillings

Marble Surface


Senior Barkitect

Molly joined The Red Door Title Services team as the In-House Barkitect at just 10 years old, and absolutely zero training (not even potty). Despite her lack of expertise, she has quickly excelled at the office as somebody keen on building friendships, melting hearts, and letting her voice be heard by anyone walking down the hallway.

Being only able to see in black and white, Molly was initially challenged by the concept of a blueprint. Working her entire career (roughly one year, although she describes it as feeling like seven) she has managed to produce detailed drawings day-in and day-out, all without an opposable thumb.


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