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Our objective is a clean, problem-free settlement that allows the all parties -- buyer, seller, lender and realtor -- to feel at ease and confident in the process. We have an attorney on staff as well as experienced  title experts. 


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   Title Insurance

Title Insurance is required if a property is mortgaged. It protects both the buyer and the lender from any loss due to defects in the title. It is required in Tennessee and by all lenders. We will set up your escrow account, find the best policy and help protect you from any unforeseen risk in your property transaction.

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The final step in your real estate sale or purchase is the most important. We make it our business to make sure your real estate settlement happens securely and conveniently. Using technology, we bring the closing to the buyer and seller, regardless of their location on the globe on closing day. Of course, you are always welcome in our office for your closing if you prefer. 

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    1031 Exchange

We are a qualified intermediary service for 1031 Exchange investors who want to defer capital gains tax by reinvesting funds from property sales back into a real estate portfolio. We provide a secure exchange and can assist you when you are ready to purchase a replacement property.

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